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Passive Profit Millionaire Course + MRR

Passive Profit Millionaire Course + MRR

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Learn How to Create Content that Coverts using Social Media Platforms

Master Resell Rights (MRR) is changing the way people can make income online!

Embark on a journey to lucrative success with Passive Profit Millionaire!

This comprehensive course unveils the secrets to crafting high-converting content and harnessing the power of social media platforms for unparalleled business growth.

What sets this apart?  You retain 100% profit on every sale.

Picture this: Harnessing the expertise and digital assets of seasoned social media experts encapsulated in Passive Profit Millionaire, and leveraging the resell rights to amplify your earnings exponentially.

Experience the power of passive income like never before.

What You Will Learn

  • The Fundamentals
  • Canva
  • Branding You
  • Selling on Social Media
  • Mastering Instagram
  • Pinterest Power
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • B-Roll Marketing
  • Amazon KDP
  • Driving Traffic that Converts
  • Digital Product Creation
  • Email Templates
  • Creating Content that Converts
  • Stan Store
  • Shopify Secrets

Here is a sneak peek at what is in The Passive Profit Millionaire Course!


Welcome to Passive Profit Millionaire

Module 1 - Ways to Resell PPM

Module 2 - Brand YOU

Module 3 - Canva

Module 4 - Selling on Social Media

Module 5 - Instagram 101 with Francesca Fields

Module 6 -Creating Content that Converts

Module 7 - Drive Traffic to Your Offer

Module 8 - Selling on Social Media


Module 9: Discovering Your Niche

The #1 Step to Success with Digital Products: Discovering Your Niche

Researching Your Niche: Find a Blueprint

Using Chat GPT

Identify Your Target Audience

Research What They Want

Identify Digital Product Types

Crafting The Right Digital Product for Your Audience

Understanding Lead Magnets & Stan Unleashed: Funnel Flare

Mastering Funnel Flare

Creating Your Domain & Professional Email for your Online Business Walk Through

Stan Store Setup

How To Set up Your Payment Processor

Connecting Your Custom Domain and ProEmail to

Building out the Steps of a Sales Funnel

How to Setup Automation in

How to Optimize Your Squeeze Page

Optimizing Your Sales Page & Attaching Your Legal Documents

Optimizing Your Checkout Page

Creating Your Thank You Page in

Listing Your Sales Funnel as a Product in Stan Store

Listing Your Product for Sale in Stan Store Directly

Shopify Secrets: Creating Your Own Branded Course

Set Up Your Shopify Store

How To Set Up Your Own Course for Sale

How to Add A Members Ares Link to Your Store Menu

How to Add a Tevello App Block to Your Account Page

How to Add Account Login Link to Your Store Header

How to Host Passive Profit Millionaire in 1 Click!

Our Favorite Way to Host Videos Directly

How to Set Up Course as a Membership or Subscription

How to Create Your Own Course Inside Tevello

How to Duplicate a Course Module

How to Add a Completion Certificate to Your Course

How to Add a Member Manually

Business & Taxes

Running Your Business & Your Taxes: A Guide for New Business Owners

Do I need an LLC?

What Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know About Taxes

How to File Your Beneficial Ownership Information Report

Easy Receipt Organization for Small Businesses

Where to File for LLC in All States

Selling on Social Media: The Legal Side of Social Media Marketing

Beyond the Clicks: Elevating Your Ads for Maximum Impact

Boost Your Results

Boost Your Results Follow Up

Canva 2.0 Magic

How to Create Landing Page in Canva

How to Brand Carousel Templates Already in Canva

How to Create Stories in Canva for Social Media Platforms

How to create an eye-catching Profile Picture in Canva

Amazon : Mastery: KDP, Influencer Triumphs, Approval Hacks, Rejection Resilience, & More

KDP Self Publishing

Influencer Excellence: Unleashing Success in the Amazon Arena

Cracking the Code: Analyzing a Rejected Video

Navigating the Best Picks & Pitfalls - A Guide to Selecting Price Products for Your Review

Monetize Your Passions: Utilizing Benable for Ultimate Earning Potential

Pinterest Power Strategies

Welcome to Perfecting Pinterest

How to Make a Perfect Profile

Setting Up a Pinterest Account

Converting Personal Account to Business Account

Claiming Your Website on Pinterest

Pinterest Keywords

Pinning a Standard Pin

Pinning Ideas

How Many Time a Day You Should Pin

Types of Pins & Utilizing Canva

Links & Pins

Pinterest Boards 101

Content Creator 101

How to Become a Success Content Creator

Let’s Talk Content Creation Tools

Content Styles & Why They Matter

Niche What?

Whose Problem are you solving?

Identify Target Audience

Watching Other Creators

Platform Identities & Differences

Content Items Needed

Our Favorite Content Creation Tools

Instagram Deep Dive with Chris & Erin

How to Create and Instagram Account

How to Remove Watermark from Instagram Reels

Tips for Increasing Instagram Engagement

Deep Dive Parts 1-9

TikTok Monetization

TikTok Creator Beta Program

TikTok Watermark Removal

When & How Often to Post

Hashtags: The Ever Changing Topic!

A Controversial Topic..

Analytics & TikTok

Hooks Hooks Hooks

What a Good Call Action Can Do For You

Making $$$ on TikTok

Facebook Fundamentals & $$$

Facebook Monetization Walkthrough

Growing on Facebook

Content that Facebook Loves

Ways to Monetize on Facebook

Stars, Subscriptions, Going Live & More

Bonus: Editing on CapCut

A closer look at Monetizing on Facebook

The Digital Learning industry is BOOMING!

And there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon!

According to Prosperityforall - "The number of online learners is expected to grow to nearly 60 million people in the very near future"

"And it is said that the number of people who take an online course is expected to rise to as many as 57 million people by 2027."

If you are Ready to:

Invest in Your Future

Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones

Work from Anywhere

Ditch the 9-5 Grind

End the Overwhelm

Start Your Own Online Business

Then this is for YOU!

Imagine how different life could be...If you TAKE ACTION & GET STARTED TODAY!

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Frequently Asked Questions


NO! The course will teach you valuable skills to grow and engaged following even if you are starting with zero!


The digital product is what you can sell for 100% profit.

This product was created with you in mind and we grant YOU the Master Resell Rights
to it.

This means that when you purchase the product you also get the Full Resale Rights to sell it as your own for 100% profit.


Master Resell Rights.

True MRR products allow you to buy a digital product ONCE and then Resell that same product as your own for 100% profit over and over again.

You DO NOT have to create the product because we have already done that for you.



I personally DO NOT like Upsells. Therefore, I am happy to tell you that there are no hidden fees whatsoever!

No monthly fees.

With your ONE Time purchase, you receive the digital product business training, a
Free community, and personalized mentorship along your journey.

When you sell these courses (if you choose to sell them), your
customers pay YOU directly, we never take a dime when you resell it.



This is entirely up to you.

Some people purchase just to
receive the training and mentorship.

Others purchase with the intent to resell it.

But you do not have to sell the course.

We commit to teaching you the
high income skills to make money online.



You CAN upload these training modules anywhere you want to. Just keep in mind the video modules themselves CANNOT be altered.

However, you can add/create your own additional content & resell as your own if you wish!



Your customers are welcome to access all the training modules, the added trainings and the FREE community.